Get Top-Notch Obstetrical Care for You and Your Baby at Shore Medical Center, Somers Point, NJ.

Motherhood comes with surprises and fears of uncertainty.
Our providers have helped expectant parents just like you to learn about anticipated bumps on the road and equipped them with skills on how to overcome such obstacles. We offer:

Preconception counseling: If you experienced any complications during your previous pregnancy or have history of recurrent pregnancy loss, we can evaluate and detect some treatable conditions, which will allow you to have a better outcome with future pregnancies.

Confirmation of Pregnancy Once a home pregnancy test is positive, one can't assume that it is a viable normal pregnancy. We provide early confirmation of the pregnancy by blood tests, urine tests, and In-Office Ultrasound, which allows us to detect ectopic pregnancies, missed pregnancies to prevent devastating complications associated with these conditions.

Prenatal Visits: Even though most of the visits are "quick" in-time spent with the provider, yet the information we collect during each visit ( such as Weight gain, blood pressure, measuring belly height, certainly hearing baby's heart beats, etc.) is very informative in assessing overall health of the mother and her fetus at each step of the pregnancy. In case of any deviation from normal course of pregnancy or already identified high risk factors in pregnancy, we work in close Collaboration with High Risk Maternal-Fetal Specialists within the Atlantic County.

Labor and Delivery:Whether you are expecting birth of your first child or your fifth, we strive to individualize each family's birth experience according to their preferences, yet taking steps to insure safe and most optimal outcome for the mom and the baby.

Postpartum Care: The "Fourth Trimester" often forgotten in the most current Ob practices. Once you leave the hospital with your baby, you are presented with the most challenging question: WHAT and HOW do WE take care of the newborn baby on our OWN?
We are here to provide you with advice, guidance, and emotional support.

Childbirth Education: What to expect when you are in labor, options for pain control, positions and "tricks" that you can practice while pregnant to optimize fetal position, fetal maneuvers within the birth canal to facilitate success of vaginal birth. Please contact us to learn about our Childbirth classes curriculum and schedule.

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