We're now offering virtual appointments for certain Ob/Gyn patients.

• Confirmation of pregnancy:

Once a home pregnancy test is
positive, one can't assume that it is
a viable normal pregnancy; early
diagnosis of pregnancy allows us to
detect ectopic pregnancies, missed
pregnancies and prevent devastating
complications associated with these

• New Obstetrical patients with
documented viable intrauterine
pregnancy for prenatal care:

Some early screening tests for fetal
defects are time sensitive. A fetal
anatomy scan is practically essential to
avoid unpredicted outcomes at birth.

• Pregnant patients of other Ob/GYN
providers that were relocated to
our community due to COVID-19

It's already unfortunate that
you had to relocate from your home,
but we are here for you to provide care
for you and your baby at this time.
Our goal is to put your mind at ease.

• Vaginitis /UTIs, Sexually transmitted
diseases screening, pelvic pain:

Even though these conditions are not
life threatening, the symptoms are very
uncomfortable and we do not want you
to go to the Urgent Care facilities or
ER, since all of them are overwhelmed
with current COVID situation.

• Post menopausal bleeding, excessive
menstrual bleeding:

At least at this
time we can offer US, evaluation of
problem, blood work, and even biopsy
to have a plan of care and avoid delay
in diagnosis and fear associated with
patient's concerns.

• Contraception:

Always think "ahead"
to prevent unintended pregnancy,
especially at this time of uncertainty